I’ll be describing the whole process of building a custom Light Saber at Sav’s Workshop BUT first I think a bit of context is required. The Workshop is located in Galaxies Edge in Disney Land, an amazing feat of entertainment on a massive scale. Every detail is thought about, every aspect of interaction suspends disbelief. The food, restrooms and even the credit card machines have been given a Star Wars feel. Disney delivers an experience even if all you do is just walk about, characters pop up all the time, Storm Troopers offer constant menacing comic relief. Even the garbage collectors are in costume. Obviously it IS a huge corporation wanting your money and it’s expensive, but when it’s this good… I don’t mind them picking my pocket. What follows is a collection of images taken around the site.

Savi’s Workshop.

I’m not going to lie, this is an expensive option. Including Tax the basic option will set you back nearly $250. Is it worth it? Yes, and yes again, the pay off at the end, is a moment of pure joy. Simultaneously a child seeing Star Wars for the first time and feeling like a real Jedi.

The workshop is hidden round a corner, getting involved requires some pre booking and a credit card to secure your place, and then getting an appointment time (it’s very popular so you might have to find some other stuff to do for a few hours.) My appointment was even cooler than for most people as I got there early just as the first fireworks in Disney Land in over a year where set off, and they REALLY went for it.

The Entrance.

Just outside the workshop is the payment area, where you make your first choice to decide your light saber.

There are four sets, each set will decide the basic theme of your light saber, but even with a seemingly limited range in each set, there are a LOT of variation. In total Savi offers 120,000 combinations. Once your choice is made you are given a pin badge (very high quality) to show ‘theme’. I choose peace and justice, because if you ain’t Jedi…. you ain’t shit.

The person who was working the reception area when I got there was totally in role and knew EVERYTHING about Star Wars.

Everyone gathers after making their selection and mainly geeks out about Star Wars. Then you are lead into the actual workshop.

The detailing is excellent, the staff are all in character and everyone is given their own work area. You place your pin badge on the table in front of you so the staff (know as gatherers) will know what Light Saber you will be building.

First though is the selection of the Kyber Crystal, the item that defines your Light Saber. The choosing process is done with some very high quality props.

Once that is done, your components are placed in front of you and you are taken through a fairly simple but fun build, basically choose any two from 1 and 2 and one from 3,4 and 5

Every aspect of these devices is thought out, the base interior is made to look functional and real. It isn’t just a battery box. The next set of images are taken later as I didn’t want to spoil the fun of making a light saber with a phone.

Installing the Crystal.

All the components are metal and solid at the end fully constructed the handle weighs over 1/2 a Kilo.

Once the assembly is finished , everything is checked to make sure you’ve got it right, and the light saber if activated makes a short out sound.

Then after inspection a gatherer goes round the room plugging each handle into the work bench.

…and then the payoff happens.

This video wasn’t my event, mine was later at night and everyone was really into it and the staff member was much less hammy so it had a much better atmosphere, but yes when the light sabers activate and yoda turns up and everyone pulls them free of the workbench it really is quite magical. A proper Disney moment.